If you look at the shape of the 7th of the Rök Runes, it could be interpreted as a falling snowball, a falling rock, or something similar. Since the shape is quite different from the shape it has in the Elder Futhark, I’ve chosen to completely rewrite the interpretation. Some aspects are still the same, though. I still see Hagl as hail, because of the name, if nothing else. The hail storm, the snowstorm, the thunderstorm, the flood, the landslide, the avalanche. A rapidly moving change, a period of turbulence which leads to major changes, good or bad. Some might describe it as a necessary evil, but I wouldn’t call it evil, just turbulent, violent, sudden and drastic.

Bitterroot Forest Fire.Deer (elk) by John McColgan

Bitterroot Forest Fire.Deer (elk) by John McColgan

The forest fire sweeps through, destroying everything, both animals and plants. But a forest fire is the only way some plants can germinate. One example of such a plant is Bishop Pine. Others again require smoke to germinate. The fires cause important changes in these forest systems.

It creates clearings and converts mineral-storing parts of plants (the stems, leaves, bark, and duff) to ash. In ash form, most of these essential mineral nutrients are dissolved by rain and snow and returned to the soil. The plants which grow there, take full advantage of these changes. Wildfires occur on every continent except Antarctica. They’re a natural part of our World, and especially so on the great planes of America and Africa.

Fire suppression may actually lead to larger, more destructive fires, because of the buildup of inflammable materials. Another example might be the man who experiences a car accident which sends him to the hospital. During this hospital stay, he meets the love of his life.

Don’t misunderstand me here. This rune points to difficult times, and the outcome isn’t guaranteed to be positive. But make the best of it. I’m not saying it won’t be painful, dramatic or hard. But I am trying to show that there are times when what looks like a disaster, turns out to lead to something positive.

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