Laugr is another one of those runes that still look the same as in the Elder Futhark. So I’m letting it keep its interpretation, for the most part. The only things I’ve changed are some personal experiences.

Laugr stands for water, flow, and emotion. It can also symbolize life force and growth, patience, imagination, spirituality, imagination, dreams, mystery, the unknown, the hidden, the deep, the underworld, fluidity, balance, fertility, and healing.

My personal experience with this rune in readings is that it also means ‘going with the flow’, flexibility and flow of energy. I’ve also found it to represent the Moon. Of course it could also represent a physical river or stream, washing or laundry.

StreamYou need emotions in your life. Don’t bottle them up, that’s never a good idea. Enjoy life as it is, take a break and smell the roses. You have to know when to go with the flow, and when to go upstream. This Rune can also indicate a time for cleansing, revaluing, reorganizing, realigning.

As a rune of knowledge, Laug may call you to study spiritual matters. Get in touch with your intuitive knowledge. Merkstave: You might be getting carried away. Don’t stray too far from your chosen path. Bottled up emotions is also a possible interpretation, as is adapting yourself too much to  the expectation and will others. Going with those self-fulfillling prophecies.

The rune may also be a warning against going beyond your limits, whether it might be concerning money, energy or knowledge. It may also indicate a failure to draw upon the wisdom of your instinct. You may need to reacquire lost balance. It may also indicate a period of confusion, or that you’re trying to swim upstream.

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