This rune bears no resemblance at all to Bjarkan. It’s more like the reverse of Áss. So my interpretation has been written to reflect that. Instead of communication, I picked hearing, listening for this one. It’s an important thing to remember to do in many situations, and I feel this isn’t properly represented in the interpretations. It also solves my problem of being behind on my second H post for The Pagan Blog Project.

The advice of this, the number 13 of the Rök Runes, is to pay attention, listen, be alert to the sounds around you and the messages coming your way. It might suggest that you need to take your time and make an effort to really hear what others are saying. It might also mean that it’s time you listened to yourself, to what you really want or need. This could be turning off the TV, PC, radio and phone, and meditating on where you need to go from here. ‘Shut up and listen’ and ‘take a hint’ might also be a suitable expression.

As a Merkstave interpretation, I’d suggest you may be listening too much to others, and not enough to yourself, to your instinct and feelings.

This post is part of the Pagan Blog Project, created by Rowan Pendragon.

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