The ‘S’ rune from the runes on the Rök Stone no longer looks anything like Sól. It still has the sound value, so I had to let it keep some of the aspects. It has some of Ís in it as well, so I brought Ice into the mix. While fire stands for light, heat, and passion. Ice stands for stagnation, inhibitions, and a lack of feelings.

fire and ice by michi_s, on Flickr

fire and ice by michi_s, on Flickr

But when these two powerful forces collide, things happen. Just look at where the lava meets the ice or the ocean. Islands have been created this way. This combination could mean passion, love, creativity, sudden enlightenment, dramatic change, creation. But it could also mean chaos, cataclysmic events or destruction. As a Merkstave interpretation, I would suggest for you to look at if someone is quenching your fire, your passion, your creativity. Is someone causing you to stop, to freeze?

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