The sound value for the 10th of the Rök runes is A, and since it doesn’t have a counterpart in the Elder Futhark, I had to create a new interpretation. To do this, I investigated other interpretations for the same, or a similar,  sound value.
What I found was this:

Greek – Alpha:

“The God [Apollo] says you will do everything {Hapanta} successfully.” Do: achieve, bring about, effect, accomplish, make, manage, negotiate, transact, practice, fare; successfully: prosperously, luckily, with good fortune. Your entire project will turn out well and you will meet all your goals. You will have good luck in all your activities, or prosperous business transactions and negotiations.

Phenician – Alpu:

Ox; cow; thousand; teaching; master The bull is a fitting symbol of the most powerful Gods of the Phoenicians. El, “The Father of Years,” is known as a kindly, wise ruler. As the father and Creator of All Created Things — including mankind – he is represented by the ox; similarly Ba’al Hadad, “Lord Thunder,” is closely identified with this power animal. Since ancient times, the bull has been a symbol of power, wealth, and virility. Representing the traditional masculine principle in nature, it is associated with Sun-Gods, Sky-Gods, Creation Gods, and the primal source of fertility.

Ogham – Ailim:

Power, insight, progression.

Silver Fir:(Ailm: AHL-m) Knowledge of Nature Science/Ignorance Ailm/Teachings The silver fir is one of the tallest trees native to Europe, sometimes exceeding 160 feet tall. It is named for its silver-gray bark. It is also known as the Yule tree & has fir cones that respond to rain by closing and the sun by opening. Being so tall, the Fir can see over great distance to the far horizon beyond and below. Fir symbolizes the higher views and longer sight with a clear vision of what is beyond and still to come. It symbolizes learning from past mistakes and taking care in your future choices.

Physical: You can now see what is beyond you and what is still to come. You also have the perception and understanding from the point where you stand. Take a good long look and you foresee the future. Mental: You receive from past and present strengths. You use sight in healing from which to draw insight and knowledge for your future. Spiritual: View your progress on your spiritual voyage with care & an eye of diskernment.

Correllian – Ah:

Persuasion, salesmanship, force of will

My interpretation

Furu by Kvisten, on Flickr

The consensus seemed to be power, success, progress, and insight. I didn’t find much in terms of defence or protection, which would have put it in the vicinity of Eoh. It does, however, share a similar position in the futhark, to have an interpretation similar to Eoh, but the shape is too different for them to be the same.

This rune does, however, looks more like a tree than Eoh does so that part I’m keeping. Eoh is associated with Yggdrasill, the world tree, which most describe as a great Ashe. But it also represents the Yew tree. The Yew tree was a lot more common during the time of the Vikings than now, and some claim that Yggdrasil wasn’t an Ashe but a Yew tree, which is evergreen. This is because Yggdrasil has been described as evergreen.

A tree makes a good choice for the meanings as well. A tree is strong, it progresses slowly, but surely (providing it’s in a suitable environment), it has to be successful to reach maturity, and if you’ve ever sat with your back against a large tree for any length of time, you know it also has insight. For this rune, though, I’d choose the Pine (Pinus sylvestris), mostly because it has a straight trunk and the branches normally start further up. What’s your take on this rune? Leave me a comment below. Do you want a reading? You’ll find prices and info here:

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