Áss is the fourth of the Rök Runes as well as in the Elder Futhark. Because it’s changed slightly, I’ve also made some changes to the interpretation.

As the rune of the Æsir, Áss represents the divine. But not so much messages from the divine. I would say more worldly forms of communication like speech, the written word, body. I don’t involve body language here, even f it’s a form of communication, this rune represents the intellectual side of communicating. It could stand for a message of some sort, insight, wisdom, knowledge, and advice. It might also refer to other forms of information.

The word áss means a singular God, in plural it’s Æsir. The Æsir are the male deities of the Norse pantheon. They’ve got more ‘human’ qualities than many other Gods from other cultures, and maybe that is what draws us to them today. As the first of the Gods, and the god of wisdom and communication, Odin is the one I think of as connected to this rune.


Gylfaginning lists twelve principal gods in Norse mythology (besides Odinn): Thor, Baldr, Njord, Freyr, Tyr, Bragi, Heimdall, Hodr, Vidar, Vale, Ullr and Forseti, of which Njord and Frey were not Æsir, but lived among them in Asgard. In addition, the figures Æge and Loki were sometimes counted as Æsir. The female deities in Norse mythology are called ásynjur.

As the ruler of Asgard, Odinn has a lot resting on his shoulders. Maybe that’s why he wanders. He gained his wisdom through sacrifice, as do we all. Although nowadays our sacrifice is mostly time.

The advice of this rune, is to pay attention, concentrate, focus on communication. It might suggest that you change your method of communication, to get what you want. ‘Speak up’ and ‘take a hint’ might also be a suitable expressions.

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