As in the Elder Futhark, the Fe-rune is the first of the Rök runes. I’m going to let it keep it’s original interpretation since it hasn’t changed its appearance that much.

In my opinion, the meaning of this rune is first and foremost expendable wealth. Things like money, possessions, and goods. Things that have a value and that can be exchanged for goods and services. It can also relate to things that have a more personal value – emotional and spiritual riches –
as well as material.

Opposed, or Merkstave, it may mean that you’re putting more effort or money into something than it’s worth. Loss of property is also a possible interpretation.
Not having enough to make ends meet would be my choice, but some would interpret it as greed.

The meaning of the word Fé, which is the original name for this rune, is cattle.  Since cattle had more of a monetary value in those days than now, we now interpret it in a wider sense. I thought I’d pick a suitable image for the rune, and I chose a picture I took during the summer of 2007. The farmhouse where this cow lives, is about a kilometer up the road from our house.

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