As an entrepreneur, you end up with a bunch of business cards after a while. Some are cards from people you’ve met, others are your own that have become outdated. They usually end up in the trash, but there are several ways you can reuse business cards. This is just one but it’s one you can use with your intuition 🙂

Prepare the cards (optional)Reuse business cards for intuition based decisions

Attach wrapping paper or paint the side with the text on it, to make them look the same.

Mark the cards

Choose your favourite set of divination symbols; runes, playing cards, I-ching, geomancy, ogham, dominos, tasseography, anything at all works. You can even use keywords if you don’t want to use symbols. There’s enough room on a card for a couple of lines of writing.

Use them

Mix them on a table, with the marked side down. Ask your intuition a question, and pull one or more cards to get your answer.

Would you try this? How else would you reuse business cards?

Leave me a comment below.

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  1. Campbell joef

    Business cards reusing is a great idea. This is a kind of recycling without using any resource


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