I removed the bandages today.

They said I could do it after two to three days, so I did it after two. Patient as always 🙂
The bandage was huge and went from above my knee to my foot. Now it’s replaced by four small bandages. one over each hole.
I don’t have any stitches to remove, not even surgical tape. That means one less thing to think about.
Right now, I’m having a drink and I’m looking forward to a proper shower tomorrow. Women also stink you know!

I’ve got three days left using the kinetic machine (helps mobilize my leg) and leg lifts. At the moment I’m at 80 degrees, and I’m supposed to reach 90 in the next three days. Then the exercises get harder. I’m supposed to stay off the leg for six weeks, and be done with the crutches i eight to ten weeks. I hope to do so. I don’t feel like hopping on crutches for longer than necessary.

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