I want to take some time to explain why I’m pushing creativity the way I am right now. Focusing on getting others to revive their creative spirit, instead of the other areas I’ve been exploring lately comes a lot easier to me. One of the reasons is of course that it’s in my nature; I am a multi-creative, and some say I’m rather pushy as well 😀 Another is that it’s gotten me through 11 years of bullying in school, bad relationships, poverty, bad jobs, and chronic pain. Here are your seven reasons to be creative:

1) It lifts your mood

If you’re having a bad day, creating makes it better and makes you feel happier and more fulfillled. Creating takes your mind off your troubles, like debt, how much you hate your job, your health, your weight, demanding and annoying people. The list goes on. We all have our problems and need to deal with them, but we don’t have to give them all our waking hours. It can also help you solve some of those problems, by activating your creative brain.

2) It makes you take time to yourself

We all need some me-time. Creating is a way to take that time. So many of us need a reason to take the time, creating is one that most people around us accept, to some degree. If you have a job that drains you, and a ton of other commitments, you often put yourself on the back burner. Creativity is a good way to detach yourself for a while. If you have a spouse that’s demanding, and doesn’t accept things like meditation, a long bath, sitting quietly in Nature, and other things like that. He might accept writing, playing music, knitting or painting more easily.

3) It’s good for your health

Creativity stimulates the brain, and can even slow dementia. The more you use it, the sharper it stays. It makes you a better problem solver, a quicker thinker, and more focused and innovative. It also reduces stress, which we all know is bad for your health. It can improve your quality of sleep, and reduce feelings of depression and loneliness. Studies have shown that creative people take fewer medications and have a better life.

4) It’s a human need

Most psychology scientists agree that creating and self-expression is on the list of human needs. Some even put it before freedom, and they may be right. Just look at all the arts and crafts that have come out of prisoner-of-war camps.

5) It boosts your confidence

Developing skills, trying new things, and overcoming challenges increases your confidence. When you create, no one else is in control, it’s all up to you. Nobody can tell you how to do what you do. You get to immerse yourself in what you do and do it your way. It’s also a way to explore and develop who you really are.

6) It keeps the child within alive and well

You get to learn new things, get messy, play around. Playing is important to adults too. When was the last time you didn’t care if things were ‘perfect’?

7) Last but not least; It’s FUN!

So I hope you know why I’m doing this now, and that you’ll stay with me on this journey.

What creative thing did you do today? Leave me a comment below.

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