Just before 11 AM today, as I was heading out the door to go to the physical therapist’s, I got a call. I’m going in for surgery tomorrow morning. Let’s just say it changed my plans for today. Among other things, I had to cut my eZine short, and cancel physio and Chiropractor appointments. Another thing is that I wasn’t able to open parts of my membership site to the public, as I intended. I’ll have to save that for later.

Now before you start worrying, it’s minor surgery to correct a connective tissue problem I’ve had since early 2011. So I’ll most likely be home again the same evening. I’ll have to get a cab, though, since I’m not allowed to drive afterwards because of the anesthesia.

One of the pro’s is that the government pays for the surgery, and the cab fair. I only have to pay a small amount, which will add to my paid fees and give me a free card later this year. The major con is that I won’t be allowed to lift or otherwise strain myself for four weeks after the surgery, to make sure it heals properly. Another annoying period of convalescence messing with my plans to exercise more. The major plus is that hubs is saying he’ll take over the heavier housework for at least two weeks. That will be a nice change and a very new experience for him…

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