One way to enjoy life, and business, more is to play more. Do it often and don’t give yourself excuses not to. I know this from personal experience. If you give yourself too many ‘outs’, it won’t get done. Just do it!

October is always a rough month for me, because of my chronic condition and the change in the weather. Part of what keeps me going is playing.

These are some examples of my more playful creations:

Then there’s the series of Strange Birds and the 100 Sacred Symbols. And now I’m looking to play more, so I’m finishing off some series and then taking a break where I will dive into my intuition to decide what to paint.

I hope this inspires you to play more in your life.

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  1. Sibylle

    Yes! Playing is vastly underrated. I hope your condition won’t plague you too much this month <3

    • Linda Ursin

      Yes it is 🙂 I hope the other thing causing problems goes away too


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