When going over my about page and some older posts last week, I realized I’d forgotten to do something I’d promised you previously. I promised to tell you the story of a photo. All photos have a story but this one is a bit different for a portrait 😀

Some details are rather funny, and you can’t see that from the photos alone, so I need to share that with you.

I have a friend and fellow artist who lives about an hour and a half away and she usually helps me take the photos I use for my profile pictures and the websites. We actually take each other’s photos 🙂 and get together to do this and hang out about 2-3 times a year. 

The photos I’m using on my website now were taken on an overcast day in July last year. It had been raining earlier and we wanted to take some photos outdoors while we still had enough light. 

We had started indoors but those photos didn’t turn out good. The conditions were far from ideal outside either so we didn’t end up with that many good photos but there are some worth showing and I haven’t used all of them on the site.

On the garden table

She has some large bushes in her garden

Standing on one knee on gravel, ouch!

Smelling the flowers

Just standing in the garden

Getting a bit tired

Some of the photos we took were just for fun, like these ones below.

Taking photos would be boring without a bit of silliness 🙂

This way?

Which way?

It caught me!

Taking good photos is a challenging task at the best of times but I think we got some good ones despite the conditions and some of the problems in the best ones don’t show. I admit to editing out two issues. 

I usually don’t edit my photos that much but there are always some small things I do fix. Like for example:

  1. The fabric between two buttons in my blouse kept separating
  2. One of the seams I had hastily done on the blouse to make it fit better had become longer than the other

I also edited out the window in the one where I’m on one knee and made the wall a bit less bright because I thought it worked out better that way.

I don’t know how she managed to capture a smile in this one. As you may know, I have really bad knees and I was on one knee on gravel for several minutes. Not an ideal position for me. It hurt like hell, to be honest, but the photo turned out ok nonetheless.

The grass was very tall and wet as well, so in almost all of those photos, my skirt is soaking wet to above my knees. You can see just how wet it was in the photo with the vine.

And there it is, the story I promised you 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it

Do you have any funny or weird stories about when your Facebook profile shot was taken?

If you do, leave it in a comment below


  1. Sibylle

    Lovely story! And the pictures are beautiful, I kinda like that it’s not all that sunny. Particularly liked the one of you under that arch of bushes 🙂

    • Linda Ursin

      Thanks Sibylle 🙂 I liked that there wasn’t any direct sun too because that would have made taking good photos even harder but there was a weird quality to the light which made most of them look strangely flat.


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