If you’ve been around me for a while, you know I like to do things differently. I’m doing it again 🙂 From today until Tuesday, I’m doing an art sale on Instagram where you can pay what you think the artwork is worth.

I’ll be posting one artwork each day on Instagram and you can name your price. For obvious reasons, I have to add a sum for shipping (I am in Norway and I shop worldwide). I’ve chosen to spread the cost over all the artworks to make it fair for everyone. So you need to add $12 to your bid for this.

These are the pieces included in the art sale

Wednesday Nov 7

The first artwork is this iceberg at sea under a blue sky. It was created in acrylics on an MDF board covered with a cotton sheet.

Thursday Nov 8

The second artwork is a Moose Animal Spirit. It was created in watercolour on watercolour paper in blue monochrome.

Friday Nov 9

I had to add something funny for Friday that could also be part of the pay-what-you-want sale, so I added this skunk. It was created for a skillshare class and is an illustration of the idiom “Drunk as a Skunk”

Saturday Nov 10

This is the fourth of the paintings in the pay-what-you-want sale. A mouse in a log created in watercolour on paper.

Sunday Nov 11

I drew this possum in fine-liner one day earlier this year and people seemed to love it so I decided to add it to the sale.

Monday Nov 12

The sixth artwork in the sale is this rabbit in coloured pencil on paper. I loved the idea of it munching on something so I put a white clover flower in its mouth.

Tuesday Nov 13

The last artwork in the pay-what-you-want sale is this golden combed Rooster from Norse mythology. It’s a specific Rooster from Norse mythology and its name is Gullinkambi (golden comb). He’s one of three roosters said to crow at the beginning of Ragnarök, the end-battle. The painting was created in watercolour.

Each artwork is available at this pay-what-you-want price until I post the next image the day after.

For a closer look at each piece in the art sale, click the link in my bio on Instagram on the day it’s posted or click the image above. Then leave your bid for the artwork you want (including the shipping).

You can enter your bid as a comment, a PM or via email. Bidding is open until I post the next image.

Make sure to get the one you love the most 🙂

If you’re unable to buy one of them, or they don’t speak to you, please share the images so others can see them.

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