Today (Wednesday) I had my patience, however non-existent, tried to the limit.

We got approved for a car loan yesterday and picked out our new(er) car. Today we signed the papers for the loan and went to pick it up. The bank guy had said he’d just fax it to the main office and everything would be in order. When we got to the car dealership about 45 minutes after he should have faxed the papers, everything stopped. Nothing was done and they blamed the fact that many were off on vacation. It took 45 minutes to get someone to answer the phone, and this is Norway’s largest bank!

I work with IT-support, and regardless of how many that are away on vacation and other things, you’ll never have to wait 45 minutes to get through. There’s always someone answering the phone. Needless to say, both I and Jonny, with our lack of patience, got quite annoyed. As did the dealer. He’s now blacklisted the bank as a financial institution due to lack of service.

Well, never mind now. If you’d like to see some pictures:



The reason I held off on publishing this post, is that we wanted it to be a surprise for the family. We didn’t want them to hear about it until they saw the car. By the way, this is what the “I have a secret” was all about on Facebook. Not a new baby as some thought. I have quite enough with one. I was exhausted enough already before I had her.

Otherwise, everything’s fine. I’m home nursing a cold at the moment and couching like crazy. I start my vacation after next week. We’ll chill the first weekend, and then go to a zoo for a day before we continue to my parents’ summer house and stay there for a few days. This is, of course, providing everything works out as it should. I’m going to check the route and travel time before I call Mom with the dates. We’ll also have to book an overnight stay near the zoo since it’s too far to drive in one day.

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