Today, I’ll be making brushes out of pet hair and attempting to paint with them. I saw kattvalk (link to her video) try this with hair from her cat and I thought I’d try with hair from Bonzo (my dog) and Tomas (my cat). In the past, I’ve made brushes from horse hair and several ones from different plants. But I haven’t tried pet hair before. This might be difficult or just fun. We’ll have to wait and see

The supplies I used to make the brushes

  • PVA glue from a very stubborn bottle
  • 2 wooden sticks/dowels
  • sewing thread
  • 2 strips of wool
  • scissors
  • cat hair (thanks to Tomas)
  • dog hair (thanks to Bonzo)

The finished brushes

The result of the test

A) Yes, you can make brushes from pet hair

B) Yes, you can paint with them

C) You probably need to comb the hair to get it even first

D) Don’t expect professional results without professional brush making skills and equipment 😀

What do you think of this experiment?

Have you tried making your own brushes?

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