I had a meeting with the Labor and Welfare office (NAV) yesterday, to discuss my situation with Osteoarthritis and other chronic pain and where we’re going from here. It was really uneventful. My caseworker just said they’re going to extend the previous plan of action since I’m still waiting for the surgery on my right shoulder. She did want a new report from my primary physician, just so everything’s up to date.

I’ve had no problems with the L&W office so far, which is rare. There are lots of people having to fight them for years to get what they’re entitled to. If you haven’t been following this blog for a while, you might not know why I have to be in touch with them; it’s because I’m off work for disability. I haven’t gotten final disability pay, though, I’m on another kind of pay because my treatment of the condition isn’t finished.

The second surgery is planned for Autumn 2013. The Orthopedic surgeon told me to call him in August, and he’d put me on the list. My primary physician doesn’t think I will be able to work a regular job anymore, so I’ll probably end up on permanent disability unless the L&W finds something extremely flexible and creative. Because of all this, and because I’ve been out sick for a total of two years, I am getting fired from my job. Don’t worry, I’m not upset about it. They’re starting the process in June, so I’ll probably be without a job by early 2014.

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