I had an appointment with my GP today, to get my sick leave extended and to talk about the results of the meeting with the orthopaedic surgeon.

We discussed the findings, and he said they were more or less what he expected. He did bring up fibromyalgia again, but I said that there are too few correlations between my symptoms and that diagnosis. I do have trigger-points, in fact, 10 of the famous 18, but no sleep issues, no psychological issues, and no jump signs.

The last rheumatologist I went to said that I definitely don’t have fibro. I brought up the possibilities of connective tissue problems and suggested we’d take a look at collagen-related stuff since I’m hypermobile. I think he’s going to pursue that avenue. I need a ‘tag’ to present to the Labour and Welfare Service. He said that he doesn’t see me getting off sick-leave anytime soon since there’s been no improvement.

I showed him the PT referral I got from the Chiropractor on Tuesday, and he agreed that it would be a good idea. He doesn’t think I should just do exercise at home, though since people often skip them when doing them at home. The best part about that referral letter, is that she asks the PT to treat my trigger points as well (massage my back) 🙂 He believes I’m heading towards disability, so he wrote a note on my sick-leave papers for the Labour and Welfare Service to ask them to call a meeting about it. I really hope to have some kind of ‘tag’ by then, to make them understand the complete picture. It might be difficult to explain otherwise. I do have a couple of tags:

  • Hyper-mobility
  • Joint instability
  • Bursitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Chronic back pain
  • Upper cervical subluxations
  • Posterior sacroiliac subluxation
  • Mid lumbar subluxation
  • Arthralgia in fingers, wrists, elbows and toes

It’s the Arthralgia I hope to replace, since it just means ‘joint pain’, and says nothing about the cause, duration or level of this pain. I’m now on sick-leave until and including the 17th of April. I don’t know if that meeting will before then.

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