I thought I’d give you an update on the result of my doctor’s appointment. I saw a temp, not my regular doctor, but she was good as well. She asked me a number of things, like how much I feel I’m able to work, and why I feel I have to work less. I’d brought a letter which explained the whole thing, and she read it. So I didn’t have to reiterate my whole health history to her.

She put me on 20 % sick leave until the 18th when I have a new appointment with my regular doctor. She’ll talk to him before that. The appointment with him is to find a more permanent solution. She agreed that I’ll be going for a disability percentage, and was quite baffled at how my bosses had handled the situation. She suggested I’d talk to them about it before my doctor’s appointment, but it’s not like they don’t know the health issues I live with.

We’ve talked about that before. They’re permanent and won’t get any better. Osteoarthritis doesn’t go away. My energy levels don’t increase just because hubs is at home temporarily, So I have no desire to spend 12 hours away from home, and then do all the housework after that. That’s hard enough if you’re 100 % fit and healthy. I simply can’t do that. I also have no desire to give up more of my hobbies and interests. I’ve sacrificed enough to be able to work. It’s time for others to pitch in.

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