I was at the orthopedist today for my post osteoarthritis surgery check-up.

I was a ‘good girl’ and used the crutches until today (as instructed by my physiotherapist), but the last few days I’ve only used them up- and downhill on longer walks. I walk up the stairs without them, even if I’m a bit more careful (especially going down).

According to the doc, everything looks great. He said there’s a possibility that I haven’t grown enough cartilage or that it’s uneven. It’s apparently a difficult spot. We’ll have to wait and see how it goes. If there’s too little, I’ll probably get some chronic pain, if it’s uneven, it’ll probably wear itself even with time. He said I could do whatever I want, as long as I don’t ignore the knee. (Crutches are definitely going in the storage room.) He referred me for surgery on the right knee as well, because he expects delays due to vacations, holidays and the fact that the whole wing is moving to the new hospital.

I’ll continue to go to physiotherapy until my referral runs out (probably 3-4 months).

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