I’m a big fan of originality; there are too many copycats out there. I follow my own path, regardless of what other Pagans or Heathens say I should be doing. I started this path without knowing of any others like me, so I wasn’t influenced by for example Wicca.

I’ve seen lots of people who carbon copy what others have done, and don’t even think of creating their own rituals and other things. In my opinion, that’s wrong. I’m not trying to tell people how to live their life, but it must feel better to do your own thing, and not just copy others.

I believe it also helps you forward while copying keeps you stuck in one place. I believe this also applies to other areas in life than our spiritual path.

How about you? Do you follow your own path, or do you go by what others have written? Are you an original, or a carbon copy?

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