Just doing a short prompt tonight, on openness, as I’m on vacation and had to write several posts ahead of time. Are you totally open about who you are and what you do? Or do you hide all or parts of your pagan/heathen life from certain individuals or groups?

Have you told your:

  • parents?
  • grandparents?
  • significant other?
  • kids?
  • extended family?
  • co-workers?
  • boss?
  • friends?
  • the rest of the world?

If you want to answer my prompt, you can do so

  • here, as a comment
  • on your own blog
  • on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc)

Just remember to leave a comment with your link, or tag me, if you use social media. I’d love to read your answer. I’ve been completely open since I stumbled onto this path, back in 1994. I’ve told friends, family, co-workers and employers, and I’ve never had a single problem!

The only one I never told was my paternal grandmother. The reason for this is that she was the only devout Christian in our entire family, and it would have hurt her. She passed in 2003, so now I can say that everyone knows.

Now go write your answer 🙂 And remember to subscribe to Linda’s Letters, to keep up with me, and get some exclusive info and deals.

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