Hi, I’m Harzgeist from Mists of Manannán, and I’m following a more or less reconstructionist path that includes both Celtic and Norse elements. I’d like to share with you one of the poems I wrote about Odin, Who I’ve been drawn to for a long time. This poem was written in my grandma’s kitchen around April 2012 in the beautiful Harz mountains where I grew up. With the Wild Hunt passing through our mountains every winter, this is where I feel most close to Odin.

the trees were shedding their golden gowns when I found you amid the cool forest unannounced I came but receive me, my king, in your court in the twilight woodland others handed you roses – but my flowers are wild and free, like the sun that is dying this final blossom autumn-blue take, bind it, braid it in my hair – with your nine sacred herbs a crown to make my wedding holy skies darken, blacken in the wind autumn air dances in your war-encrusted curls – please, leof min, stay with me for it is towards evening silently beneath the dusk I hear your laugh, the night, the cruel blue winter wind – and the Wild Hunt is coming*

For Odin, Gangleri, Bolverk, the Wild Hunter riding through the dark winter nights. May I be forever blessed with your presence. Blessed be, Harzgeist Mists of Manannán * Originally, the poem was written in German; the style is oriented towards Stefan George, a Symbolist writer from the turn of the 20th century. You can find his poem here: http://www.alb-neckar-schwarzwald.de/s_george_poems.html

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