From what I hear, this November was the coldest in 220 years. The medium temperature has been -7,9 C/17.8 F, the warmest 8,2 C/46.7 F, and the coldest -22,7 C/-8.9 F. And the last week it’s been around -20 C/-4 F (according to official readings).

So you can imagine that my joints have been acting up. I didn’t use to be bothered by weather but this time I have been. I talked to the doc yesterday and got the ok to up my doses as long as this cold spell lasts.

Energy levels are good though. I’ve started a few new projects, like learning Icelandic and making animal totem amulets with Norse graphics.

The thing I wanted to write about was something that made me a bit curious, and I want to hear if you’ve had any similar experiences. Remember that I’m speaking as someone who has no psychic ability whatsoever.

As I was sitting in the train station this past Thursday afternoon, a woman caught my eye. And the first thought that popped up in my head was the word ‘Norn‘. For those of you who don’t know, the Norns were fate goddesses in the Norse Mythology.

I have no clue of why I got this idea, but I did. She was tall, slender and very beautiful, but also very pale. And she was wearing a black coat with her hood up. She had the posture of a very strong and confident woman. I know she isn’t a real Norn, but I thought it was interesting that this was my first thought. I normally don’t get such ideas when I see new people.

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