I really need some tips on a subject for November. Help me out here will you! I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve been coming up with absolutely nothing. Since I didn’t have a clear idea for a subject today either, I took some more pictures on my way to work, some night photos. Never mind the quality, I’m just playing around with the light and dark.

I made a comment on someone’s video yesterday, and an old classmate thought it was me in the video and asked where the tough, self-confident chick had gone. I managed to clear that up 🙂 I then said something like ‘It’s possible to be confident without that many friends’, and I wanted to elaborate further on that.

I suspect that there are many out there who didn’t have that many friends growing up. I had no real friends at all. Most of my time was spent with my nose in a book because of this. Today, I guess you could call me a bit eccentric since I still have very few real friends. I enjoy talking to new people, and they seem to like me. But it usually stops there.

For some reason, I seem to scare people off. Maybe it’s because I’m so open about who I am and what I do. I don’t really care as long as the friends I do have are true. I have always managed just fine anyway, and I have a great little family.

Please don’t take this as the words of someone on the brink of a depression. I assure you, I am not sad about this at all! I’m doing great psychologically. I don’t even let my physical limitations get me down. At least not very often.

On another note, I got a photo from Lisa Williams yesterday, so I’ve replaced the one I borrowed from the newspaper with this one. If you wonder what this is all about, the article about the event is here: https://lindaursin.net/blog/lisa-williams-in-trondheim/

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