If you feel like dressing up, just do it! Don’t think about what others might say


  1. Sherry Brier

    Hi Linda, I love this one. I would want to pick it up and look inside. I love the photo and I love the ‘Next time you feel like dressing up, just do it!” If this is the title, I think maybe a subtitle like “How to Be More Creative”
    would be good.
    As is, I would be confused as to what the book is really about.
    I just need to know if this book is a “how to” or ??? I do hope you go with this graphic though, I think it’s a seller. Best of luck.

  2. Jesse Webb

    YES! I love it! I played dress-up all the time as a kid and love this reminder to let that inner child out more often. 🙂 What a great image to go with it too! Love the colors! 🙂

    • Linda Ursin

      Thanks 🙂 I plan to dress up more than I do now. I need some dress up clothes 😀 besides the viking clothes. I have to get something medieval for this summer, because I’m officiating at a handfasting. That’s a good start. But I also want something more witchy than what I have.

  3. Tammy

    Sweet, dressing up so many different ways to express oneself and the poosbility of taking on a different character at anytime.

  4. Jennifer Castaneda

    OMG yes! It’s like when I was younger, I could care less about what people thought about my writing and dress. I think I was open to share my creativity and I feel I am getting back to it through blogging. Thanks for sharing!

    • Linda Ursin

      I’m glad you’re getting back to it 🙂


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