One of the advantages of this season being so dark is that I get to see the Moon even if I can’t stay up late. Here are some Moon photos I took yesterday. The first ones I took just after getting home (around 4:30 OM), the others are around 7 PM. The pictures don’t do her justice.

To the naked eye, she was much more beautiful, and a lot larger. Don’t know why the cameras didn’t capture the colour and size. But then again, I’m no pro photographer, far from it. Maybe I should ask fotogrl1? I apologize for the lack of quality. I usually take better pictures than these, but none of my cameras do very well in the dark and through a closed window.

As usual, this time of year, there have been many stranded motorists and a bunch of accidents due to the weather. It snowed last week, that should have been warning enough to put coolant in the radiator and change tires.

It surprises me every time that people who have lived here their whole life fails to prepare their car for winter. And because of this either get stranded or worse, risk someone’s life by having old summer tires on their car.

Tomorrow our little girl turns three, so I had to buy her gift today. We’re spending the weekend at her grandparent’s house, about three hours drive from where we live. This means I’ll be off-line for most of the weekend after Friday night. Just so you know I didn’t fall over and die 😀 And no, I’m not addicted to the Internet. I have no problem doing without it for a couple of days. But I will miss chatting with my friends 🙂

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