I simply have to get some me-time every day. I find myself missing this. I have to get back to meditating and relaxing. I have way too much on my plate.

You might think it’s easy to just drop some things, but it isn’t. I only do what I absolutely have to when it comes to housework, but I still find it too much. I’ve always hated housework, so that doesn’t help. I wish I was financially independent so that I could hire someone to do the things I don’t want to do. I know it sounds awful, but there actually are people who enjoy cleaning and washing. I don’t.

I want to devote myself to my family and my hobbies, not my job and housework.

Well, that’s enough venting for a while. Let’s get back to more positive things.

The herbs are growing like crazy. Well, some I’ve had to give up on, but the rest are doing fine. One is already 3 ft tall. It can get up to 12 ft, so I guess it has to grow fast.

I’ve done a couple of crafts, made a couple of things in paper mâché. But the only thing I’ve finished so far (painted and all) is this crocodile


I’ve also started on a staff for myself. So far it’s only been de-barked.

I’ve experimented a bit with baking and food. Among other things I’ve made bread with honey:

…and homemade tortillas:

Which I used to make Quesadillas:

I’ve also made Skir (fresh cheese):

…and a ham and cheese pie with peppers and leeks:

All were surprisingly simple to make. Have a go yourself. I look forward to tasting more new things, and if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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