Friday to Monday, I’m going to be at Trondheim Viking Market, and because of this I’m pretty busy. I’ve been procrastinating, so I have to do almost all the prep in the days to come. So far I’ve made a tarp and 52 bags in different sizes, and yesterday I carved 100 of 170 rune sticks. I still have to:

  • find a plate, mug, and spoon
  • make a handle for the knife blade
  • sharpen the knife
  • make a three-legged stool, to have something to sit on
  • make a brush, to paint with
  • braid wool yarn, feathers and beads into my hair (not as long as last year)
  • pack herbs into bags
  • make strings for everything
  • make two large signs
  • colour the rune sticks and signs with coal and beeswax
  • pack everything

I’ve had two lucky breaks in the prep for this year’s market. When I needed to buy linen for the tarp, I was lucky to find a woman who sells linen at 1/3 of the regular price. Then, when I called the man who owns the local sawmill, he gave me four pieces of wood for free and even delivered them to my door.

I hope all those who are able to do so, join me at the market. More information is available at

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