I’d like to dwell on the thought of making your own tarot cards for a moment. This is something only a few people choose to do, and I think I know why. I think most of us are afraid that it will be a lot more difficult than it actually is, and that it requires some kind of special talent. It doesn’t!

I want you to try making at least a couple of cards, to see if it’s something that suits you. If you’re one of the creatives, you could use your own artwork. By this I don’t just mean drawings and paintings, I bet ‘scrapped‘ (in the meaning ‘scrapbooking’ not ‘to scrap’ :D) would be absolutely beautiful.

Two of Cups, Dragon Heart Glasses

Two of Cups from Pinterest

If you don’t feel confident enough about your own artistic ability just yet, you could flip through magazines (or Pinterest) for symbols that call to you, cut them out or print them, and glue them to cardboard.

Another way you can create your own cards is to take snapshots of things that fit your understanding of the regular cards, develop or print them and use them as your cards. The possibilities are really endless, and making your own cards will give you a much deeper connection to the imagery.

If and when you try this I’d love to see how they turn out, so please share a picture with me; either here or on social media.

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