This week my energy will be directed towards art and graphics. I’m doing this to follow my intuition and body’s signals about what’s best for me. I’ve done way too much writing for a while, with all those translations I’ve been doing. I will still post on social media, and the blog, but it will be more visual.

So here are some ideas for something easy and quick, that you can make when you’re out of gift ideas. When you’re totally blank and starting to panic.

(If you want a bigger image, just click them.)

A handmade phone pouch

You can sew it, crochet it, glue it, or knit it. Use your imagination. I did this one with Tunisian crochet.


You can make a collage, a painting, a drawing, a mixed media piece. It doesn’t have to be perfect, the point is that it’s made by you, and there’s a thought behind it. If you don’t feel you can, there’s still one up for grabs in my giveaway.

Wrist warmers

If you’re familiar with knitting, sewing or crochet, you can make some wearables. For example a pair of wrist warmers, mittens, or a hat.

I’ve made all of these. If you don’t think you can do this although I’m sure you can, you can give some of your time. Personal time is so valuable to friends and family.

Are you all done with your gifts?


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