The Christmas holidays is a special time for kids but it’s also a time when they can get testy, start arguing with siblings and doing things they’re not supposed to. This is especially true for those children who aren’t used to spending many days at home without many friends to play with. 

Sitting still and being quiet while adults talk is not something kids enjoy, or have an easy time doing. I don’t know why some adults expect them to. It’s their holiday break too, after all. This holiday is supposed to be fun for the kids, and for you. You’re not supposed to be worn out, frustrated, and nagged all the time. With just a tiny bit of creative effort, everyone can be happy. 

The problem is kids will want more of your attention, but you also want some time to talk to adults. With a little bit of preplanning, you can avoid reaching that point of frustration (and the kids too) and keep the kids happy, I’ll start you off with a few ideas you can adapt to fit the needs of your children, yourself, and your space.

Activities that can keep kids happy for a while

Making for holidays that are less stressful for both you and the kids.

Colouring – There are lots of free, downloadable colouring pages online. Print up a few so you have them on hand when you need them.

Doing simple crafts – Try something like salt dough ornaments or decorating cookies. Kids love seeing results from their efforts.

Solving puzzles – Labyrinths, word puzzles, and jigsaw puzzles are fun. Or you can have them make a drawing then cut it up into pieces and see if they can put the handmade puzzle back together.

Playing board games – If you don’t have one at home, you can have your kids make up a game and promise you’ll play it with them once it’s done. 

Stories – Kids love stories. Give them something to read or listen to. Or have them write their own story they can read to you.

Keep your kids entertained on their holiday break

Making up a new game – Both of you can have some fun making up new games, or teaching them one from when you were little.

Going on a treasure hunt – Hide something in the house and make a map. Or have the kids make the whole treasure hunt and get the grown-ups to agree to do their treasure hunt after dinner.

Exploring new things outdoors – Go for a walk and point out things they wouldn’t otherwise notice. Or they can go outside and find natural things to bring in and create the dinner table’s centerpiece for the evening.

Riding a toboggan or snow racer down a slope – This makes them giggle and also gets rid of built up physical energy 🙂

Keep the kids happy during the holidays

Making a snowman – It doesn’t have to be a traditional snowman, it could be any shape at all. You could dare them to go outside and make a snow car or dragon.

Watching a movie – Set the scene with a darkened room and snacks and provide them with a selection of movies they can choose from. They can also pick the movie and make their own movie tickets or snacks earlier in the day.

Naughty elf/nisse/dinosaur – If you have some figure playing tricks during the night and they find evidence of that in the morning, they start wondering what happens next. It does take some of time to set up but it can be lots of fun for you as well.

I hope this gave you some ideas for how to keep your kids engaged this holiday break.

What things do you usually do to entertain your kids on a when they’re at home for longer periods?

If you have something to add, leave a comment. Then share this so others can read it.

Here’s to happy kids this holiday season.


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