While it is true that you need to make time for yourself, you also have to remember to make space for yourself. Are you?

Do you have a space that’s yours? (And don’t say the kitchen, please.) It doesn’t have to be big, a shelf, a nightstand or the top of a dresser can be enough if that’s all you’re able to occupy. In this space, you should keep things that make you happy, that brighten your day, and things that inspire you.

It can be things that you find beautiful, it can be books you like to read, photos of your kids or pets, crystals, inspirational quotes, whatever you like. But it should be yours alone, not a storage space for just about anything someone might put down. I have my own bedroom, but I still have some work to do when it comes to making it all mine. It’s a bit too cluttered and dark right now.

The second way you need to make space for you is in your everyday life. Claim space to be yourself, to explore interests, to speak your mind. This is even more important than having physical space. If you can’t speak your mind most of the time, you’ll have to do something about that.

The third way you need to make space is in your own head. Clear out the clutter in there. Dump the worrying, nagging at yourself, and self-sabotage.

This is where I think you should start. I put it last because I think it’s the most important part. Nothing good ever comes from worrying or putting yourself down. There are countless techniques you can use to replace these mental habits of yours. Give them a try!

Leave me a comment below so I can hear what you think about this.

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