Today I want to have a serious talk with you about that to-do list of yours.

First of all; stop adding things that don’t need to be on that list! If it’s not

If it’s not resonating with you, if it doesn’t have to get done by you (could be delegated), if it’s not bringing you closer to your goals, don’t add it to the list. Don’t spend all day cleaning, when you could be playing with your kids or spending time with friends instead. If you have to clean, do it in smaller portions. Don’t let it take over your entire day.

Write down everything that’s on your list for today. I’ll wait…. Now take the first item, and put it up against the second. Which one is more important to get done today? Then you continue down the list until you’ve gotten rid of what doesn’t have to be on today’s list. Those things might still have to get done, but not today. The idea is to end up with three major tasks to do today. There will always be smaller things and things that come up unexpectedly, but I hope you’ll agree that three feels a lot less overwhelming than twenty.

Let me know in the comments what your three things for today are.

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