“Make art not war”- is a quote from an artwork that many of us have seen. This famous piece was created by Patrick Brill (also known as Bob and Roberta Smith) in 1997. However, how many of you have thought about the message transmitted through this work?

Make Art Not War – Source: https://www.allposters.com/-sp/Make-Art-Not-War-Posters_i14364533_.htm

Art has always been a big part of human life. It is commonly associated with harmony and beauty, which is why its role in modern society is extremely important. Driven by the creative impulse, people find it easier to cope with stress and overcome crises. Thus, it is important to point out the power of art and encourage people to engage with it in any form.

This is especially important for the younger generations. Students who encounter different creative activities stress out less, improve their academic performance, and develop harmonic lives.

Top 5 Famous Student Artists

Maya Ying Lin

Maya is probably one of the most famous student-artists of all time. Maya majors in land art and sculpture. When she was only 21, and still a student at Yale, Maya won a national competition with her design of a famous Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. For this and later works, Maya earned wide recognition and won numerous awards. Today, Maya’s estimated net worth is $500,000.

Carrie Underwood

She was still a student at the time when she joined the competition and won the American Idol. Also, after her victory, Carrie went back to Northeastern University to finish her education and received a BA in journalism. We would call Carrie Underwood a vivid example of a successful young artist, as she won a $ 1 million contract with a big label while still being in college!

Meriem Bennani

One more creative student, who managed to earn our appreciation is Moroccan artist Meriem Bennani. Meriem took part in various contests and exhibitions while studying in college. She found herself in creating video installations. One of Meriem’s greatest achievements was landing a solo exhibition at MoMA PS1 in 2017.

John Waters

Today, John Waters is known as one of the most innovative filmmakers of all time. His career had begun in his early 20’s when John was attending Tisch School of the Arts in New York. Without a doubt, he succeeded. However, unlike the previous individuals from our list, John dropped out of school and never finished his education.

Yoko Ono

One more college dropout on our list is a famous multimedia artist and musician with American-Japanese roots. Yoko studied at Gakushuin University and left it to move with her family to New York. Then she attended Sarah Lawrence College and dropped out from there to participate in New York City’s downtown artists scene. Today she is famous worldwide, her works are displayed in several important museum collections, and her current net worth is about $600 Million, which is very impressive!

Source: https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/female-artist-painting-studio_3389651.htm

Career In the Arts: Stats You Should Know

There always has been this popular misbelief that artists can barely make money for living. However, if you still believe that people who pursue creative careers live their lives struggling to make ends meet, you are wrong!

As a matter of fact, real artists don’t starve, and the study conducted by SNAAP proves it! The study claims that most of the art students succeed. About 120,000 individuals receive their degrees in arts every year, and most of them are thriving. If you have been long discovering different artists websites and wondering whether you should give it a try or not, here are some stats to keep in mind:

  • 99% claim that creativity is one of the critical elements of their success
  • 75% are or have been self-employed
  • 70% of all art graduates have found jobs in their field

And that’s not all! Also, most people with creative careers receive an income that allows them to support their families, live full lives, and even give a part of their earnings for charity! This is quite different from what we all believed in for decades.

Now, for a bright contrast, US Bureau of the Census reports that only a small share of graduates with degrees in engineering, science, math, and tech get employed in their field. Here you have quite a few clear reasons to start building a creative career!

Pros And Cons Of Creative Careers

Becoming an artist also has its perks and drawbacks, so let’s take a look at them.


+ You can be self-employed;

+ There is a possibility to work from anywhere, define your schedule, and scope of work;

+ Lots of exciting projects and space for self-development;

+ Art is a great form of meditation, so you will get inner satisfaction from your job

+ Appreciation for your works.


– Creativity takes up almost 100% of a person’s time, so there is not much left for personal life;

– You will have to work hard to reach the top;

– Many artists live in their own world and rarely interact with the outer world.

Of course, all these pros and cons are incredibly subjective and individual, and may not even apply to you specifically. However, it is still important to have a clear idea of where you are heading.

A little note

This article is not saying that you have to go to art school at all to be an artist


Do Companies Support Beginner Artists?

Looking for artist jobs today, many people get really surprised by the wide range of career opportunities available out there. Although many associate artistic jobs only with music, painting, or drawing, there is much more to it! The possibilities range from design to creative writing, and there are lots of companies that support beginner artists and employ them.

Speaking of writing, many online content services like Essay Pro, as well as different magazines and blogs, are willing to hire graduates. As for other creative jobs, there are plenty of offers too. For example, even such big and famous companies like Xerox PARC, Apple, and Google are willingly hiring art students to add creativity to technology.

Besides, you shouldn’t forget that there is always a possibility to work remotely. There are lots of freelance platforms that help connect artists and clients, so if you don’t really want to get employed, you can be your own boss

Final Words

As you now know, engaging in a creative field can be a great start of a successful career! The way we’ve seen artists previously has changed, so today it doesn’t mean to be a loner, who can’t provide his living. Luckily, more and more students today seem to get involved in arts and succeed, and we see it as a great tendency!

About the author:

Jilian Woods is a freelance journalist and a contributing writer having more than two years of writing experience. As a writer, she sees her purpose in producing and sharing relevant content with people who are willing to expand their knowledge base and learn something new for themselves. Apart from her day job, you may find Jilian engaged in volunteering or doing yoga.

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