If you’re living with chronic pain, or you know someone who does, I hope this post will help you. These are the methods I use to try and make a bad pain day better.

Drink a cup of Green, White or Herbal Tea. There are herbs that can help you with pain, but I won’t recommend any since I don’t know what pain you’re in and what meds you’re on.

Take a long, hot bath (this one I can’t do anymore since I no longer have a bathtub). A hot bath relaxs both body and mind.

Curl up under a blanket and read a really thick, good book. Can’t beat escaping for a couple of hours. Meditate! There are meditations that make you relax, but there are also pain specific meditations that can actually ease your pain. Do something creative. Whether you paint, sew or carve, being creative improves your energy.

Sleep! Make sure you get enough of it. If you wake up during the night because of the pain, get a nap during the day.

Cuddle the nearest animal or human. Science has proven that cuddling releases hormones that improve your mood.

Exercise! Yes, I know exercise can be painful, but try to find a form that isn’t.It makes your stiff muscles loosen, lubricates your joints and releases endorphins which make you feel less of the pain.

Do you have any favorite ways to improve a bad day?

Leave me a comment.

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