I’m going out on a limb today, and I know some of you won’t like what I’m saying here. But this is my personal opinion, and if you don’t like it, I can’t really do anything about that.

My PBP post this time deals with the misconception that you should never do magic for personal gain. In the end, everything is for some form of personal gain, yours or someone else’s. The obvious example of magic for personal gain is of course money. But if you do magic to heal Mother Earth, you gain some peace of mind. If you do healing for someone else, you gain the feeling you get from helping someone else. In addition to this, doing for example money magic for yourself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, or black magic as some might call it.

Maybe you really need the money to be able to feed your kids? Where’s the harm in that? If you look back to the old days, I sincerely doubt they never did anything for personal gain. I believe this idea comes from Wicca, as do many others. Like the fact that the athame has to be dull, never used for anything at all, and should never touch blood. I believe the old ones used what they have handy, helped when they could, and harmed when they felt they had to.

I don’t have anything against Wiccans in general, but I’ve run across a few that rubbed me the wrong way, so to speak, by trying to say everything I do is wrong. Personally I believe that there’s no such thing as white, gray or black magic. The magic itself isn’t good or bad, it’s all about the intention with which it’s performed. And if that intention is personal gain, is that so bad?

I should mention that I don’t believe in the duality of good and evil forces either. Although I, of course, see the potential for evil acts in humans.

This post is part of the Pagan Blog Project, created by Rowan Pendragon.

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