Isn’t this a great look for me? Actually, I’m well aware that it isn’t looking great 😀 An umbrella would look a lot better. But it’s been raining for days, and my hands can’t hold onto anything for very long these days. There was actually a pretty huge flood yesterday.

I’ll be posting a clip on YouTube, taken about 6 hours after the worst of it was over. I hope to be able to post that tomorrow. But that depends on it I get the time to record the audio tonight or not. On another note, work is busy as Hel. The students returned today, and I’m nowhere near finished with the umpteen user guides I need to get done. Well, at least I don’t have to answer the phone that much. With fingers, hands, wrists and underarms protesting loudly, I don’t feel like writing up 100-150 cases per day right now.

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