I am someone who loves the idea of living more creatively. I love the peace and space it has given me in my own life.

I know it can give others the same freedom to grow and shine.

But it can be hard to convince people of that.

Often, people have the idea in their minds that they don’t have time for anything creative.

They’ve filled their days and nights with busy work and they just don’t see an obvious slot for it.

I used to be like that too

I was 27 and doing rather well – I had been promoted at work, I had my own flat in a seaside town with views of the sea. I should have been on cloud 9 – but somehow I wasn’t.

I found myself unexpectedly facing a severe depression and I couldn’t see a way out of it.

Despite my successful job, I was struggling with money. I was spending so much on trying to be happy and busy all of the time. Little trinkets here, nights out there. None of which filled me up. They just passed the time.

That’s when I knew something had to change

I had been blogging for a while and watching other people creating all kinds of lovely things and selling them on Etsy. I kept seeing this and wondering. I kept feeling nudged to do something similar myself. But could I do it?

I had always thought I was no good at art. I had always assumed that I couldn’t be an artist anyway. I couldn’t draw. I wasn’t a messy free spirited hippy. I definitely wasn’t an artist.


But it still kept on calling to me. That urge to create art.

And when I finally gave in to it – the experience changed my life.

Here are the main benefits I have seen from inviting more art into my life:

  1. Increased brain space. I have all of my best ideas when I am painting or doodling or arting in some way. 
  2. A happier self. On the whole, I am a much happier soul than I was. I know myself better. And even if I am having a bad day, I just need to get creative and the bad day lifts significantly. 
  3. It silences my inner critic and monkey mind. No longer am I a prisoner to a vicious inner dialogue! I am much more connected to my soul self. I am much more accepting of my flaws and foibles. It feels good! 
  4. I am no longer a perfectionist. Each painting or drawing goes through an ugly phase at some point. I have learned to work through those phases both on and off the canvas. 
  5. It is SO MUCH FUN!! It is fab to let my inner child roam free when I am creating something. It frees me and allows me to really shine as my truest self.

So, if you’re reading this and you recognise any of these thoughts and words, feel free to allow some creative joy into your lives.

There are lots of creative opportunities over on my website that you can grab – from my free Curious Library to e-courses and my creative community, The Curiously Gorgeous Sisterhood. Find out more about all of these lovely gifts over on my website acatlikecuriosity.com.

It can be a life changing experience letting art into your world. It’s an experience not to be missed in my opinion.

You’ll certainly never regret allowing it in – creativity gives so much more than the small amount of time it takes out of your day.

Have a wonderful day lovelies!

Sarah Leonard is an auric artist and creativity coach. She believes that our superpower lies in our creative soul selves and that we aren’t truly steeped in our personal power until we connect with that inner wisdom. She helps women do just that – create space for growth and creativity in their busy modern lives. Find out more about her at acatlikecuriosity.com


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