If you’re taken by surprise by pain, allergies or other symptoms you need to start to listen to your body, it knows all the secrets.

Start taking notes once a day and write down the following:

  • How you’ve been feeling physically and mentally
  • What you’ve been eating and drinking
  • How much water you’ve been drinking
  • How much strain you’ve put on your body (exercise, housework and other activities)
  • What, if any, meds you’ve taken
  • How long you slept during the night

Pretty soon you’ll start seeing a pattern for the worst days, and you’ll get better at controlling your symptoms and avoiding those worst days.

Those who have migraines might have worse days after not drinking enough water or not sleeping enough. People with chronic pain might have worse days after cleaning the house (I know I do). Those with food intolerances or allergies might feel worse after a visit to a restaurant, even if they were told they got the ‘right kind’ of food.

Keep track, and tell me how you do with this.

Do you listen to your body or ignore it?

For now, leave me a comment below with any observations you’ve made.

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