Lilith outside the school with her backpack

My daughter Lilith started first grade today 🙂 She was very excited about starting, counting down the last few days until today. She seems to be enjoying herself and doing well First grade here in our village is 9 AM to 2:30 PM Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, every other Friday and 3 Wednesdays per semester. They have Norwegian, English, Math, Social and Natural Science, Arts and Crafts, and Religion-Spirituality-Ethics.

In Gym, they spend a lot of time outside the first semester and have swimming every other week. The Fridays they are in school, they spend the whole day outside. They have homework for Tuesdays and Thursdays unless they want to do more. In her class, there are 20 children. They have one teacher and three assistants, although all three won’t be there all the time.

We got to be there for the first two hours and were sent home after that. I think she might do very well in school if she gets the right support. She wrote her name at 2,5 and is reading books with lower case letters already. She adds and subtracts smaller numbers, and has also picked up a fair bit of English (and even some Chinese) from TV. Yes, I am a proud Mama, but damn the years fly by fast.

Lilith and Me

Lilith and I

Signing the book for the headmistress

Signing the book for the headmistress

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