The first day at Kristin på Husaby is over. I didn’t make lots of money, but I hope to have gotten the market fee back before tomorrow’s done. We’ve all packed up our merchandise and gone to where we’re staying for the night. I don’t have a driver’s license yet, so I can’t rent a room. That’s why I’ve pitched our tent on a farm nearby. I brought our 5 man tent, so I have plenty of room.

I was fortunate that the organizers set this up for me otherwise, I don’t know where I would have gone. Probably would have had to pitch it in a forest nearby, or something like that. My host seems to be a very friendly, young man. He lets me use the bathroom in the basement, and he doesn’t want any money to let me stay here.

The view and the weather are fantastic,  although a bit windy, and I’ll post some more pictures in this post when I get home. I’ve also recorded some video here, that’ll join the other clips on YouTube.

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 Right now I’m sitting in my deck chair, enjoying the sunshine while sipping on some Swedish cider. I plan to make dinner, then sit outside and surf the web for a while before going to bed. I’ll just wrap myself in my Viking Age cloak if it gets cold. Cider

Tomorrow I’ll be up at 6 AM to have breakfast, dismantle the tent and pack everything in peace and quiet, before going to the market again before 9 AM to set as it starts again at 11 AM. The farm is within walking distance, but one of the organizers is kind enough to drive me. Otherwise, I’d have to walk several times backward and forward, to move all the stuff. And my knees and back are sore enough as it is.

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