I prefer to be myself in everything I do, to keep it real, from personal interactions to business, my newsletter and this blog. I see no reason to try and be someone else. My goal in life is not to get rich by being someone I’m not. I’d rather have no money at all than have to pretend to be anyone else but me.

I’ll admit, it has cost me money, jobs, business, and subscribers. I seem to lose subscribers every time I mention the word witch or swear. But understand me correctly here; I’m not complaining. I don’t mind at all. I’m grateful for those who stay, and those who leave don’t freak me out. I’d rather have those who like who I am and what I do follow me, than people who for some reason have the wrong impression.

  • I’ve been totally open about being a witch since I started back in 1994. I’ve never had a reason to stay in the closet, although I know many who do.
  • I do swear a lot. I actually had to reduce my use of language enhancers when I learned Norwegian. It doesn’t fit into the language the same way as it did with Swedish.
  • I paint and draw whatever I like. I don’t try to create what will sell.
  • I dress the way I want, not the way I ‘should’ for my age or body shape.
  • I cut and colour my hair any colour I want to. I don’t care if it’s age appropriate.
  • I don’t keep quiet when I have an opinion on something. I’ll even say it in public without any shame whatsoever.
  • I don’t bottle up feelings. If I’m angry or upset, you’ll know about it.

All of that may upset some people, but it makes for a happier life in the long run. I hope you walk your own path too and don’t try to fit in between other people’s lines. Trying to stay within other people’s lines will only make you unhappy. If you need some support or ideas on how to move closer to what you want your life to be, call me.


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