This winter, I’m hosting a Julebord (Yule Feast) in our home, and I want it to be as close as possible to historically correct for the Viking Age and the Trøndelag region in Norway. I’m inviting everyone who wants to come, but I need to know well in advance. Period dress would be fun but isn’t required. If you’ve got recipes that might be suitable in addition or instead of these, let me know. I might have to replace some of these if I can’t get hold of them. So if you’ve got any ideas, please tell me. Thanks to Dan Schneider and the others at AUTHENTIC VIKING FOOD on Facebook, but most of all to Sunniva, for all the help. Sunniva’s writing a book on Viking Age food, which I’m waiting for with great excitement.

DATE January 14 2012
TIME 12:00-18:00
PLACE Our house in Soknedal, Norway (Click here for a map)

Note! I can NOT take in overnight guests this time, but there are establishments that aren’t too far away. If you need to stay the night somewhere, let me know, and I’ll help you find somewhere to stay. I advise you to arrive hungry!


Meat dishes

Braised ham with a honey glaze and a breadcrumb & mustard crust (boiled in a reduced amount of liquid – maybe beer, glazed with honey and roasted slightly to get a crisp surface. ) Slow-roasted Moose steak, which is rested in a spice bath with Juniper berries, mustard seed and a tiny bit of honey. Sausages made from reindeer, other game or pork. Unfortunately, these have to be bought, due to a lack of equipment.

Fish dishes

Baked or smoked fish (maybe Arctic Char, Salvelinus alpinus)

Other sources of protein

Boiled seagull eggs, Skyr (one with blueberries and one with Ramson) Snøfrisk Cheese, Västerbottensost, Aged Cheddar, Homemade butter


Cubed Field Mustard (Brassica rapa), providing it’s available at that time of year, Baked Onions and Apples, Cabbage stuffed with minced beef mixed with minced pork and barley.


Sourdough bread, Leiv (flat Barley bread fired in a skillet) Barley, boiled in beer, with stock and onions


Mead, Beer, Water, Whole milk for the little ones

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