On most of the occasions when I do magic work, I journey, either in meditation or Seiðr. Journeying is probably one of the few real talents I have, on the spiritual side. I’m not clair-anything at all (clairvoyant, clairaudient etc). I don’t see auras or ghosts either.

I don’t really sense anything beyond female instinct. Although some insist everyone does, I keep telling them I don’t. Journeying comes very easily to me. I can jump right in at almost any time, and it doesn’t take long for me to reach the state I need. The only things I require is silence or appropriate music and having my eyes closed. I’ve never had any problems controlling where I go when I want to do that. I don’t always want that kind of control, as there’s much to learn from going with the flow, so to speak. I don’t need drums or other rhythms to go where I go.

Most of my journeys go to a green landscape, with tall grass and a river. I’ve walked, swum, flown, climbed and teleported from place to place. Sometimes I journey in the World Tree, and the view from the top of it is phenomenal.

People all over the world have some form of journeying in their bag of tricks. It could be meditation, astral travel or something else. It might take different shapes, but in the end, we all leave our daily lives for a while, to achieve something. Even if it’s just relaxation. The difference between the methods is the goal or purpose and the style.

Most of the journeys are about personal development and learning. But there are also journeys where the purpose is to change something. It might be to heal, to harm, to improve the harvest, or just about anything. Some of the earliest records of meditation are from 1500 BCE, but I believe the journeying practice is a lot older than that. Many cultures have spiritual people who travel to the rhythm of an instrument, and the use of rhythm  in spirituality goes back to the Paleolithic, and possibly the Neolithic era.

Do you journey? If so, in what way, and where? What do you need to get where you’re going?

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