This acrylic landscape represents Jotunheim, one of the realms of Norse mythology where the Jotnar lived. I finished it this Sunday and it’s probably the painting I’ve used the most time on so far. It took several layers to get it where I wanted it.

The Jotnar were the constant opponents of the æsir, often described as giant beings (mostly clumsy and ugly) but some of their women could be very appealing, like the beautiful Gerd. Many of them are in possession of great wisdom, like Vavtrudne, who competed with Odin himself.

I used images from a Norwegian mountain range with the same name (Jotunheimen) as inspiration, and here’s the finished painting.

I’m putting together a video of the process. I managed to tape most of it but the end will have to be photos because of issues with the video camera.

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And if you’re interested in buying this painting, you can do that here.


  1. Sibylle

    I love it! The mountains especially, they look incredibly stark and brooding. Great atmosphere.


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