That was at least how I used to feel when I was working full time in computer support at a community college in the city and Friday finally arrived. I used to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and tired by Monday morning, so I lived for the weekends. In the weekends I could be myself, do what I loved doing (besides the housework I had to do), and spend time with my family.

During the workdays, I had to be in full control of my temper and language and answer questions no matter how stupid or rude the customers were. I bet some of you have jobs that drain you like that. The secret to enjoying your weekend regardless of what goes on during the week is to do diskonnect from work. Leave it at the office, don’t take it home with you. Not even in your mind. Do your best to not think of anything connected to work when you have time off. That way you get to enjoy your free time even more.

Now go and enjoy that weekend of yours!

Leave me a comment with your weekend plans 🙂 I plan to do a few paintings for that weeds book of mine.

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