Instead of letting a bad day get you even lower, improve your day by creating something. It doesn’t really matter what you create, as long as you do. The human is a creative thing, we all have some degree of creativity, and if we don’t create anything, we’re usually more or less miserable.

So pick up a pen, a voice recorder, your laptop, whatever, and just create

Don’t let your logical mind make excuses like:

  • I’m not talented enough
  • I’m not creative enough
  • I don’t have the time
  • I don’t have the materials I need

All those excuses are bullshit, in my opinion. Everyone can create in some way, everyone’s creative, you can make the time, and there are lots of materials in your home already.

I’m a multi-creative, which means I have the need to create in several different ways. If I don’t, I’m not happy. Some of my favorites are:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Doing radio
  • Historical crafts

What are your favorites?

Leave me a comment below.


  1. Clara @NotreCharme

    I really enjoy taking pictures, it is part of my job, but it always makes me feel happy. I also like learning languages…

  2. Lisa Mallis

    I am giggling at your salad! I think for now – this is how I’m going to create. Take something from my every day life and make it a little “special”!


    • Linda Ursin

      That’s a great way to be creative 🙂 Use your creativity everywhere

  3. Grace Cinotti

    When I’m having a bad day, I curl up in my bed and read a good book. Great distraction.


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