Now, why would I choose a title like that for something like this? Because so many people slip into SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as winter depression, winter blues) when the dark season starts.

This is my way to:

  • improve your dark season
  • bring some light and bright colours into it
  • make sure you have something enjoyable to do, and think about,
  • make sure you don’t dig yourself into a hole.

To explain what I mean; There are a lot of good reasons why I chose October to do the Creativity Challenge. One of them is that it’s the start of the dark season in the Northern hemisphere. Another is that it’s before the holiday season, when everyone is preoccupied with all the preparations. But the main reason is that I want you to have some fun now, and not wait until next time you might have some time to yourself.

To me, creative experimentation is fun. So I created a challenge to get you creating in several different ways.

  • To help you find the kinds of creativity you enjoy.
  • To get you to challenge some of the limitations you’ve created.
  • To get you to take some time to yourself.
  • To get you started on something that will be a great refuge to have once the madness of the holiday season starts.

If you want to improve your dark season this year, and get into the habit of creating. Join the Creative Explorers today, and you’ll get notified about when the next Creativity Challenge starts.


  1. Jules Maas

    Oy. Yes. Since moving to Seattle 9 years ago, I’ve remained shocked that I haven’t completely reverted into clinical depression given that the dark season here lasts until, oh, JUNE. I’m originally from New Mexico, so those last 3 months still feel like they should be sunny, and BOY ARE THEY TOUGH.

    • Linda Ursin

      I live in Norway. The dark season is really dark, and long. And the light season is really light, and short 🙂 We’re on the same latitude as southern Alaska


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