While most pagans I know are celebrating Spring at the Vernal equinox (or Ostara), I choose to celebrate Spring on April 30. Simply because that’s when Spring has arrived properly here, and because I want to continue the tradition of celebrating on that day.

Swedes have been celebrating on May Day Eve for a long time, although not as long as you may think. I still keep my Valborg and Midsummer celebrations, though. Other than those two, I have a couple of heathen dates I celebrate. My yearly celebration calendar looks something like this:

Jan 12 – Hoggunott
Feb 14 – Disablot
Apr 30 – Spring blot
Summer Solstice – Midsummer
Oct 31 – Alvablot
Winter Solstice – Jul

If you have any questions about these things, I’d love to answer them. Just hit reply and ask.


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